The final stanza depicts one the most salient and grim themes of the poem. This mood shown by lines such as a sight so touching in its majesty emphasises the poems meaning of his love for the city. Compares wordsworth's "preface to lyrical ballads" and "tintern abbey" to see how they express the same values. Blakes alliteration of ms, gives this line more emphasis because when the reader sees it, it will create an important image in their head. Analyzes how the poem depicts what it was like to live in london. Wordsworths poem is a Petrarchan sonnet, this means the poem is divided into two sections. Analyzes the theme of the poem, which is the infatuation with immortality that the speaker has. In class we have been studying poetry, and the two poems I have chosen to compare are In a Brixtan Markit and Not My Business. Analyzes how "not my business" and "in a brixtan markit" show discrimination by talking about how they were treated. Westminster Bridge is written in the form of a Another predominant image could be touch as the speaker described the weather constantly such as it being warm and sunny which allowed the readers to be able to make connections and think of a sunny day and the warmth which made the poem more relatable. Detailed teaching notes and insights into the poems, written by Teachit's poet in residence, Trevor Millum, are included, which could also be used as 'answers'. Comparing The Passionate Shepherd to His Love and Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd, Comparison of the Poems In a Brixtan Markit and Not My Business, Comparison Of Tintern Abbey And Preface To Lyrical Ballads, Blake's Presentation of Children in William Shakespeare's Play, Changes in London, 1802 William Wordsworth and Douglass Paul Laurence Dunbar, Composed upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, 1802. Blake describes the Thames as Chartered Thames, which shows us that it is controlled by the rich, whereas Wordsworth describes the Thames as the Mighty heart, which gives us the impression that the Thames is a living thing. The first kind of volumes were composed of a number of sheets fastened to each other, and rolled upon a stick, 68 BOO the whole making a kind of column or cylinder, which was handled by a part of the stick projecting out at the end of the roll ; it being reputed a crime to take hold of the roll itself. It is split into the octet and sestet and is composed using iambic pentameter In this heaving metropolis, there is sadness everywhere, marks of "weakness" and "woe" on every face. The poem, Composed upon Westminster Bridge, is a Petrarchan sonnet form. WebAlthough the poems 'London' by William Blake and 'Composed upon Westminster Bridge' by William Wordsworth are both about the city of London they are very different in many WebIntroduction. London is written in four regular quatrains with an alternating ABAB rhyming pattern (e.g. This is because he is writing a poem to try and get the rich to comprehend and do something about the suffering, whereas Wordsworth is encouraging people to come to the cities, and fall into the inevitable poverty trap. WebWhen Mr. Jennings breaks down quite, and beats a retreat from the vicarage, and returns to London, where, in a dark street off Piccadilly, he inhabits a very narrow house, Lady Mary says that he is always perfectly well. (2023). Compares "in a brixtan markit" and "not my business" by james berry and niya osundare. Blake uses various poetic devices in order to enhance the portrayal of the poems purpose to the reader. Both London, 1802 by William Wordsworth and Douglass by Paul Laurence Dunbar are poems addressing the changes in conditions among their respective societies, London for Wordsworth and the United States for Dunbar. In the first stanza, Blake describes the chartered streets on how the streets of London were controlled by the rich. Blake writes that the infants cry of fear suggesting that instead of innocent naivety it is open understanding of their bleak future that they must face that these children show. Explains that both london, 1802 by william wordsworth and douglass by paul laurence dunbar are poems addressing the changes in conditions among their respective societies. Give us your email address and well send this sample there., ("A Comparison Between Blake's "London" and Wordsworth's "Composed Upon Westminster Bridge". Analyzes how the poem stays the same at the end, but it gives a summary. So often his poems are about a particular sight, or moment, which is given heightened effect in recollection. In the second line, he describes how the Thames is being forced through man-made channels, by doing this Blake describes the Thames metaphorically. Kibin. Wordsworth here is focusing on the city in the morning, and does not mention seeing people. Poems "Crazy Time" and "Composed upon Westminster Bridge" Compare & Contrast Figurative Language Figurative language, as a part of natural language, has an Less than half the price of our monthly plan. This poem I feel was written in order to highlight the hardships in London. Analyzes how dunbar separates the two stanzas in douglass to separate the past from the present. In the fifth line, The beauty of the morning; silent, bare this displays a breathtaking imagery of the morning sky of how its completely clear. In "Lines Composed upon Westminster Bridge" Wordsworth also digs beneath the surface of London. Opines that the poem is written as a love poem, but if you look more closely, you will see that it isn't written in love. Students looking for free, top-notch essay and term paper samples on various topics. The next line this City now doth like a garment wear personifies London to make it seem alive it also provides a feminine description to contrast with the masculine descriptions in the following lines for example when the river Thames is described glideth of his own sweet will. This is in much contrast to Gods it can be an omen of good or bad lack. The London-based Institute for Strategic Dialogue serves as the Blake talks about how the manacles are controlling peoples lives and restricting people from allowing them to do things. WebCompare and Contrast: Blake's "London" and Wordsworth's "Composed upon Westminster Bridge": William Blake (1757-1827) and William Wordsworth (1770-1850) were English Analyzes how the poem is a reaction against the life he has lived in the courts of london. Whilst Composed Upon Westminster Bridge is positive, Blake is concerned with the negatives of life in London. OR THE CROWING OF THE NOBLE COCK BENEVENTANO. Analyzes how the show shows how this is happening to every body and not just a few. There are still people who are been persecuted by the rich to make them even richer. Around this time the French revolution is going on in France, Blake is also a supporter of their struggle for democracy. Some suggest that people cannot appreciate happiness without and understanding of sadness, cannot define light without experiencing darkness. The rich upper classes sit on the high seats lining their pockets with the riches that the poverty stricken lower classes have made for them. However, if both poems were written around the same period, why do they contradict each other? One of a beautifully tranquil place, the other shows a cruel cold and bitter place.Both the poets use literary devices, for the main purpose of adding effect and make the poems both more poetically intense. Mr. Jennings is a perfectly gentlemanlike man. In the meantime, Wordsworth uses personification throughout the poem to create a sense of the city as a living creature, along with London wears the morning, and has a might heart, and houses are asleep. Blake assumes that the people in London are living in misery and fear. WebThe main difference between Composed upon Westminster Bridge by William Wordsworth and London by William Blake is their opinions towards London. WebCock-A-Doodle-Doo! The first poem upon Westminster bridge by William Wordsworth is about his love of London as he looks out from Westminster bridge in the early morning. However they have totally different views of the same city. This is very different to Wordsworths river because the quote The river glideth at his own sweet will, this tells us that he is basically saying the river has its own life and flows freely, this contradicts with Blakes word mind-forged manacles, as Blake talks about not being free. WebEnter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Maybe it is a genuine love poem to his mistress, a sort of. Copyright 2000-2023. The poems are reactions to different time periods as both writers look upon the conditions of their societies and reminisce of better times as they long for the glory days of the past. To learn more, read our. - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University, We use cookies to provide the best possible experience on our site. GCSE English Literature students are given two GCSE poetry anthology poems to compare, Blake's 'London' and Wordsworth's 'Composed upon Westminster Bridge'. Blakes poem is about the effects of the city on its residents. The second poem London by William Blake is about how he views London. Analyzes how the phrase "waiting, waiting in its usual silence" is effective because it gives atmosphere and gives a visual picture of what is happening. Explains that romanticism was a major concept used in the 18th-19th centuries in revolt against enlightened thinkers of prior centuries. eNotes Editorial, 4 Apr. In the last line, mighty heart is hyperbole as well as personification because it shows the heart is always active as well as the tranquility of the city. Blake describes how the government and the growth of prostitution control London, he considered that human beings are naturally virtuous, however the society and civilisations rules are corrupted. The great buildings of the city are. The city is just waking up and there is something special about the place as it gleams in the "smokeless air." The ninth line begins the second part of the sonnet as the previous eight lines join together as one sentence. Type your requirements and Ill connect you to With our Essay Lab, you can create a customized outline within seconds to get started on your essay right away. This means that to use it you have to pay, and hence the poor are thrown on to a downward spiral of debt, to add to their problemsAnother difference between the two poems is the way that they write about London. Blake clearly displays his immense hatred towards the political oppression imposed by the authorities. The central metaphor of Composed Upon Westminster Bridge, is the mighty heart, whereas Londons, is mind-forged manacles. Learn what works (and what doesn't) from the reader's perspective. The example essays in Kibin's library were written by real students for real classes. He makes it seem as if the manacles are placed mentally on people. This is evident as early as the very first line where the Earth is personified as a fair and beautiful woman. Firstly, I wander through each chartered street and Near where the chartered Thames does flow. The start of the following stanza Blake says in every cry of every man, he starts the next two lines in the same way with in every. The sun lights up the city in light and gives the reader a sense of purity and cleanliness. WebFrom Westminster Bridge in 1802, you could have seen a lot of the highlights of London, including the "ships" of the River Thames; the "dome" of the famous St. Paul's Cathedral, designed by the architect Christopher Wren; and the iconic Tower of London. Probably they are all asleep, and in any case, they do not disturb the serenity of the scene that greets his eye. Opines that once up a chimney it was like being locked up. The repetition is also evident in the language. Essays may be lightly modified for readability or to protect the anonymity of contributors, but we do not edit essay examples prior to publication. From this, I believe it is aimed at the poor, who are looking for work, and perhaps London is the place for them to change their life around.Both the poems use graphic description, to create an image in our mind, which is that of what they want us to think. Blakes London (1794) and Wordsworths Composed upon Westminster Bridge (1803) are good examples of poems from the Romantic era, as both poets share a We can tell in the first poem, Wordsworth has the narrative voice of a tourist because during the time he wrote the poem, he was on his way to France passing through London on top of a carriage. Don't use plagiarized sources. Calmness and tranquillity are also present throughout the poem, for example the beauty of the morning silent, bare. Innocence) innocence ("Composed upon Westminster Bridge") The speaker's attitude toward London is mainly one of. In major cities across the world, glamour, money, prestige and opportunity flourish. The quote of the chartered streets tells us that the rich were given charters, which allowed them to control the streets of London. WebAll I could do was to offer you an opinion upon one minor point--a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction; and that, as you will see, leaves the great problem of the true nature of woman and the true nature of fiction unsolved. Analyzes how he is not glancing over it in his writing. The quote mind-forged manacles sums up the theme of restriction of the way people are forced to live in these appalling conditions. Opines that the poem was written to woo his love, or maybe the line was not meant. These two views of 19th century London, symbolize and its complexities. "), "A Comparison Between Blake's "London" and Wordsworth's "Composed Upon Westminster Bridge"." The atmosphere of the second poem is comparatively bleak against upon Westminster Bridge. The poem is an ode to London, describing the city as it appears on a In the twelveth line, the river is being personified by The river glideth at his own sweet will, this shows us a relevant view of London. It's also significant that Blake ends with the "youthful Harlots curse," which perverts true sexual happiness. The city of London has inspired many The first time he refers to mark as a noun meaning that he takes note of the people he passes whereas the next two times he uses mark as a verb to describe the physical effects on people from living in London. WebA second analysis: Composed upon Westminster Bridge is one of the most famous sonnets of William Wordsworth. Compare and contrast the presentation of London in Composed upon London Bridge and London, Compare and Contrast the Presentation of London with Composed on Westminster Bridge. Mr. George Whitefield, by Phillis Wheatley, ASK writer for He is furious at the authorities and hates the way poverty in London is steadily increasing. The men may only be able to find work in the military which will most likely lead them to there death and the woman are forced to turn to prostitution which consequently spreads venereal disease through the society as a result of adultery. Tracy be secure in their persons, houses, papers. The purpose of Blakes London is to reveal the compulsion of the lower class citizens of London, by the nobles during the late 18th century. The predominant images in the poem refer to sight and touch somewhat. Essay, and then Add to Home Screen. The title marks a London London has four quartrains, with very regular ABAB rhyming schemes. will help you with any book or any question. Paper 1 In the next line dull would he be of soul Wordsworth challenges that anyone who might not share his perception of London as being uncreative and having little or no imagination. During Wordsworth time as a poet he made it his mission to have poetry be read by not only the aristocrats but also now the common man something that has never been done. Wordsworths London is asleep and at rest, while Blakes London is restless and awake even through midnight. Furthermore, words like majesty and mighty suggests the strength of power of the city, which the speaker here is in awe of the power he is experiencing. Check out our Privacy and Content Sharing policies for more information.). This use of repetition highlights the monotonous every day life of the lower classes. By continuing, you agree to our Terms and Conditions. "Composed Upon Westminster Bridge" is a sonnet written by William Wordsworth in 1802. Critical Analysis for Composed Upon Westminster Bridge. Although the poem ends with the phrase marriage, it isnt symbolize love or new life but with the word hearse. Accessed 4 Mar. Negative language is used to create the impression that the city is greater to nature. The setting is interpreted to be in the countryside with daylight. This sonnet, a poem of fourteen lines, was composed between July Don't use plagiarized sources. WebThe poem, Composed Upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, 1802, is a celebration of this city, referencing to the bridge over the River Thames. In the first line Wordsworth makes the statement Earth has not anything to show more fair. Web (Brave New World), There is poverty in the city, and there is wealth, yet not to the proportions they suggest.I believe that the target audiences between these two poems are different also. By clicking Check Writers Offers, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. The next line reads in every voice, in every ban. Composed Upon Westminster Bridge And London Comparison. He especially illustrates the morning in London because that is where he sees the pure beauty of it. WebGoogle Uber dieses Buch Dies ist ein digitales Exemplar eines Buches, das seit Generationen in den Regalen der Bibliotheken aufbewahrt wurde, bevor es von Google im Rahmen eines Projekts, mit dem die Bcher dieser Welt online verfgbar gemacht werden sollen, sorgfltig gescannt wurde. Wordsworths Composed Upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, 1802, is a pretty straightforward poem. The third stanza starts how the blackening chimney-sweepers cry this shows that the society is trying to clean the ashes that cause their state of depression furthermore it shows that it is specifically the youth of the society that are trying to eradicate the mistakes of their ancestors as chimney sweepers were often only boys. Already a member? Overall, London and Composed Upon Westminster Bridge have a variety of similarities and differences. Analyzes how blake's sentence casts an image of silence and cold, and tells us how their plight is made worse by the rich extorting as much money as possible from those who cannot afford it. wordsword uses romantic ideas in his writings to develop the theme of natures connection to humanity. WebThese two poems are both written about London, one titled 'London' is written by William Blake. It begins but most thro midnight streets I hear that shows that the setting has changed from to day to night where the most harrowing events occur. Web" Composed Upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, 1802 " is in Petrachan sonnet form, whereas "London" is not a sonnet. The sigh shows that the soldier is in submission and has accepted his fate to die in battle. Setting, tone and theme help reader develop a greater appreciation both the pleasures and pains of life. These are two poems a are about the capital city of England, London. Analyzes how the poem is a classic shakespearean sonnet with fourteen lines in regular iambic pentameter. This extends to all of the quietness that Wordsworth describes, as nothing in the day had begun in the London scene he was describing. These two poems reflect the poets perspectives because firstly, Blake was a Londoner, so as he lived his life in London he probably saw the real image of London and secondly, as Wordsworth was passing through in the morning , he would of just seen the beauty of the morning not the pollution later on. The most effective feature of the poem is Blakes use of repetition, for instance Blake displays a large emphasis onto the despair affecting everyone by the repetition of every. Comparison between London by William Blake and Composed Upon Westminster Bridge by William Wordsworth. Another difference is that Wordsworth writes from a stationary position whereas Blake moves through London throughout his poem. Log in here. WebComposed upon Westminster Bridge lesson 1 L/O: What does Wordsworth suggest about London in ZWestminster Bridge? Comparing Blake's London, Wordsworth's Composed Upon Westminster Bridge, September 3rd 1802 and Johnson's Inglan is a Bitch. The abruptness and simplicity of the title speaks volumes in terms of the poems meaning. These two poems are both written about London, one titled 'London' is written by William Blake. The first poem upon Westminster bridge by William Wordsworth is about his love of London as he looks out from Westminster bridge in the early morning. you Blake mentions the blasts of the infant, chimney sweeper, soldier and even the harlot. Poverty encompasses the other main themes with them being products of poverty itself. In the case of the "Westminster Bridge" poem, Wordsworth is characteristically conjuring the memory of a particular sight: a view of the city in early morning. A far cry from Wordsworths praises e.g. This road has a daily capacity of 11,000 vehicles. Analyzes how wordsworth asserts his belief at this time because his thoughts are revolutionary. Blake clearly states the manacles are something unnatural, which are a human creation. The quote Earth has not anything to show more fair, illustrates to us Wordsworth claims that London is much better than Gods natural creations. Opines that this is not an image that we hope we would not see today. Wordsworths line The river glideth at his own sweet will is arguably a rejection of Blake description of the charterd Thames. In the third stanza, Blake puts the blame onto the church; he symbolically describes the church as blackening, black suggests to us that it represents both evil and death, also this emphasises the guilt. All bright and glittering in the smokeless air. Analyzes how the dramatic situation in the poem is the character's comparison to him being god by the way that he reassures that his lover can make him immortal. What did William Wordsworth feel standing on Westminster Bridge early in the morning? Explains that before william wordsworth wrote "tintern abbey" and "preface to lyrical ballads", poetry was written exclusively for and about rich people. Analyzes how wordsword uses a variety of literary techniques to promote the theme of nature's connection to humanity. Wordsword accentuates this by writing in the first person. GCSE English Literature students are given two GCSE poetry anthology poems to compare, Blake's 'London' and Wordsworth's 'Composed upon Westminster Bridge'. 2023, Inc. All Rights Reserved. He feels more associated with the whole city, as well as with the sky and fields. Am telling you man this writer is absolutely the best. the speaker is controversial as he compared summer with his lover and insulted summer throughout the poem. While William Wordsworth was taken to view the complete essay. The mention of religion differs from Wordsworth who only references the architectural grandeur of the church and not the religious institution that would have been a prominent keystone in late 18th centaury early 19th centaury Britain. Never did the sun more beautifully, Neer saw I, never felt a calm so deep! Blake mentions "midnight" in the final stanza, whereas Wordsworth's poem is bathed in the golden light of early morning. In "London" Blake peels back the outer layer of London to reveal the rotten heart beneath. Analyzes how elliot b. gose uses the image of the original sin, meaning that killing the albatross is not any better than adam and eve. Why does the poet use the words "calm," "bare," and "silent"? At this time there was a great political conflict in Britain. It is a known fact that the beauty Lord Byron describes is his cousin by marriage, Mrs. Wilmot (Kelly 275); however, Kukathas claims that Byron, in praising and describing the lovely Mrs. Wilmot, is also praising and describing what he thinks of as the power of art and poetry (Kukathas 279). You can get a custom paper by one of our expert writers. "A Comparison Between Blake's "London" and Wordsworth's "Composed Upon Westminster Bridge"." Analyzes how morning he doesn't get a chance to watch the people rise. On the other hand, both poems have similarities,such as they both talk about London as well as using the same context, they were both written around the early 19thCentury and they both personified the Thames because both poets see the river Thames as a very important part of London. "A Comparison Between Blake's "London" and Wordsworth's "Composed Upon Westminster Bridge"." Another part of this is the way that he compares the building that he sees on the London sky line, to geographical features.Another comparison is the way the two writers set the poem out, in as style representative of that they are writing about. In all parts of the world many high-spirited revolts from rascally despotisms had of late been knocked on the head; many dreadful casualties, by locomotive and steamer, had likewise knocked hundreds of high-spirited travelers on the head (I lost a dear friend in one of them); my own private Next, the setting is richly presented to demonstrate the beauty of nature. WebLondon and Composed Upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, 1802 are to very different poems but a very similar in the way they present their information. London, 1802 and Douglass are poems that have several similarities among their content, however there are distinct differences between the two that the reader can pick up on as well. Emily Kotroco Do Chelsea and Kensington and the city of Westminster. William Blake was often scathing about the effects of the Industrial Revolution on the poorest members of society. T by depicting what it was like to live in London. Those are times when the world is incomprehensible, lonely and unjust. The speaker in Wordsworths poem seems to believe in the power of nature to persist alongside the man-made city, even that it is perfected by the city. For Blake, however, the physical landscape is of secondary importance. Both poems are set near Londons famous Thames River. 2021, Let us know your assignment type and we'll make sure to get you exactly the kind of answer you need. In the next line Wordsworth subtly builds upon the personification shown in the previous line with the beauty of the morning: silent, bare suggesting that the city is alive but not yet awoken. To emphasise the end of the point Wordsworth has said a sight so touching to create an emotive impact. The grammatical subtlety of using a capital M in man shows that Blake is referring not to the male sex but mankind. Presenting equality in the individual Christian believers (Royal) priesthood. WebCompares the two poems, one titled 'london' by william blake, and the other composed up westminster bridge, which portray london as the city's poverty-stricken lower Start your 48-hour free trial to get access to more than 30,000 additional guides and more than 350,000 Homework Help questions answered by our experts. The next line every blackening church appals Is an oxymoron. Ultimately, the hell of Blakes London and the heaven of Wordsworths London complement each other, reminding the reader that world is truly bitter sweet. , Blakes poem has four quatrains, with alternate lines rhyming, ABAB words such as fearhear, manban and cursehearse', this illustrates the destruction of life in the city, including poverty, disease and particularly the marks of weakness, marks of woe. Blake attacks different aspects of London in each verse of the poem. Kibin does not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of the essays in the library; essay content should not be construed as advice. While both Blake and Wordsworth comment on the conflict between appearance and reality, Blake shows the gloomy ugliness by taking down Londons streets. He has cleverly structured the poem to follow the pattern of iambic pentameter which puts stress on certain words to provide emphasis for instance in the first line fair is stressed to show how beautiful he considers London to be. can cops pull you over for driving past curfew,

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